Procurement Reference Number 4-.28.10.2022- CCIAS ES

Provision of Travel Organization Service

for the 1st. Awareness Event - ReSt@rts Project


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida and South Lebanon, Lebanese partner of the ReSt@rts Project is looking for a travel agency for the organization of travel service for the 1st Awareness Event in Sfax as part of the Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start -ups project - ReSt@rts " C_A.1.1_0053. 

Interested tenderers can send their tenders as per tender specification and TOR to and cc to

Instruction for submitting tenders, forms and TOR are below. 

Deadline for submission of tender: 21 November 2022, 16:00



1. General Information:

Subject of the contract: Provision of service as indicated in the TOR

Deadline for submission of the tenders: The tender shall be submitted no later than 21 November 2022 at 16:00 EET.

Address and means for submission of the tenders: The tenderers shall submit their tenders using the sample submission form .The tender shall be submitted in 1 (one) original. In case of e-mail submission, the tenderer may provide a scanned original.

If delivery by post or courier, the tenders shall be submitted in two separate envelopes:

  • envelope one for the tenderer’s information, the tenderer’s statement and the technical offer and
  • envelope two for the financial information.

An envelope including both envelopes will contain the following information at the external part:

Name and address of the contracting authority

Subject of the tender

Reference number

Name and address of the tenderer












If delivery by e-mail, the message shall clearly indicate:

Title of the tender

Reference number

Name and address of the tenderer

The tender submission form and any supporting documentation shall be provided as attachments to the e-mail.


2. Technical Information:


The tenderers are required to provide services as per TOR. In the technical offer, the tenderers will provide the necessary documents that show their professionalism in providing similar service. 


3. Financial Information


The maximum available value of the contract is 8,879 EUR (including VAT) or its equivalent in national currency – 6,623 EUR for travel (air ticket and transfer between airport and hotel) and insurance services and 2,256 EUR for accommodation services.


4. The selection criteria:


The award criterion is the best value for money, weighing 80% technical quality and 20% price.


  1. Technical Requirements Evaluation that will determine technical compliance and responsiveness of the tenderer with regard to the requirements outlined in this tender document to be completed prior to opening and evaluating financial proposals. It is only the tenderers that meet the technical evaluation threshold (80%) that will proceed to financial evaluation.
  2. Financial Evaluation that will consider pricing competitiveness, payment terms




Template model:




Provide detailed descriptions and sample documents as required under all points in part 3. Qualification and  Requirement.   

Find below some guidelines:

  • Describe the team (number of persons, role of each member of the team, detailed profile of the manager/team leader, etc.)
  • Provide the hotline number. Specify the agents’ hours, availability, and the operating methods outside office hours.
  • Specify the time limit to which you commit to reply to a quotation request (24h maximum during weekdays and 2 hours for emergencies).
  • Specify the standard time limit to which you commit to deliver tickets and vouchers from the moment of approval of the quotation in writing (the traveler should have his ticket or e‐ticket 2 days prior to the departure and his hotel voucher 2 days prior to his arrival to the hotel).
  • Describe the process for group reservations. What is the number of persons required to make a group reservation.
  • Describe the travel insurance you offer (add a sample insurance to your tender).
  • Add a list of references of similar services (at least 2).



B-  Financial Offer

The Tenderer is required to prepare and submit the signed Financial Proposal as per FIN Form annex 1.


The Financial Proposal should be inclusive of the taxes where applicable, and the applicable taxes should be clearly specified.






Term of Reference


Subject of TenderTravel Organization Service for the Awareness Event as part of the "Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups - ReSt @ rts ”

Duty station: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon.

Duration of the Service: 13-14-15 December 2022.


1. Background

ReSt@rts acronym of "Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups" aims to contribute to stimulate access to finance in the Mediterranean, by broadening the funding options, encouraging the use of alternative finance and gathering the supply and the demand within a transnational and digital marketplace.

The project implementation period is 24 months (starting date: September 2021 - ending date: September 2023).

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and south Lebanon is a partner of the Project, in partnership with other 8 partners The Italian Arab Chamber of Cooperation ,Calabria Region and Federterziario for Italy, Leaders International for Palestine, the Chamber of Commerce of Sfax and Ager Sarl for Tunisia, the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia for Greece and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce for Cyprus.


2. Scope of Service:

Saida Chamber requires an experienced Travel Agency to organize and provide all the services necessary for travel, transfer and stay of maximum 8 participants (3 staff and 5 partners) in the 1st. Awareness Event in Sfax- Tunisia.

The Travel Agency shall provide the following services: 

2.1- Find the most economic travel (round trip) option to minimize transit/connection time and stopovers, based on the Economy Class rates

    2.2- Provide at least 2 comparison quotes with either the same or different   

           route options, where the routing or destination permits.

   2.3- Transfer between airport and hotel in Sfax. 

   2.4 – two nights in a 5- star hotel located at or near the event –Borj Dhiafa Hotel

           (Requested booking:   in a single room with  two meals breakfast/Lunch or


 2.5- Travel insurances for participants

 2.6 - Handle the pre‐payment to third parties such hotels, car

       rental companies, etc. on behalf of the Chamber, once the reservation is


2.7- Deliver accurately tickets and detailed itineraries (in electronic format   

         and in printed format when the electronic format is not available), showing  

         the accurate status of the reservations on all segments of the journey. 


3. Qualification and  Requirement

Tenderers must have the necessary financial, economic, technical and professional capacity to perform their obligations under the contract. In particular, the tenderer must:

  • be a business entity duly established and existing under the Lebanese laws;
  • have an IATA registration number;
  • have a telephone number able to receive emergency situation calls 24/7;
  • make sure that it does not need any permit, license or other authorization (other than those already obtained) to enter into and comply with the contract and to perform any obligations thereunder;
  • not be engaged in or, to the best of its knowledge, threatened by any litigation, or administrative proceedings, the outcome of which might have a material adverse effect on performance of contractor’s obligations;
  • sample of the invoice Invoices must indicate clearly the cost price of the transportation ticket (taxes separately if applicable) and the fees charged by the Agency and/or the discounts granted by the Agency; as well as the category, the name of the traveler and the date of travel.
  • able to present various travel options/routes (at least two) and connecting flights, if any, to the requested destination, when required;
  • able to issue a single air ticket or E‐Ticket for multiple airlines;
  • able to provide a description of its business, staff levels, history and highlights;
  • ability to provide copies of CVs for the manager, staff together with a list of current corporate customers they service;
  • able to provide timely reimbursement of cancelled tickets.
































Annex 1





FOR travel organization service for  THE 1St. AWARENESS

EVENT AT SFAX- TUNISIA within the Project Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start ups - ReSt@rts " C_A.1.1_0053. 




Net price


VAT & Taxes


Insurance and trasfer airport /hotel (rounf trip)


Net price


VAT & Taxes




Net price


VAT & Taxes


Total price




The amount is inclusive of travel, transfer, insurance and hotel accommodation expenses with two meals (breakfast and lunch/dinner) for 8 people.



Place, Date:                                                                Signature:









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