Call for  Proposal

Procurement Reference Number 13-23.02.2022 - CCIAS ES


Subject: Proposal for tenders  for  the organization of 3rd. Microfinance Cross Border Forum- Medst@rts project .


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida and South Lebanon , Lebanese partner of the MEDSt@rts Project requests tenders from suitably qualified service providers for organizing ,providing  technichal ,interpretation and logistic Services for the hybrid forum


Interested tenderers can send their tenders as per tender specification and TOR/ RFP to or

Instruction for submitting tenders and TOR / RFPare copied below. 

Deadline for submission of tender: 8 March  2022, 16 :00 pm























1. General Information:

Subject of the contract: Provision of Technical services as indicated in the TOR

Deadline for submission of the tenders: The tender shall be submitted on 8 March , 2022, 16 :00 pm

Address and means for submission of the tenders: The tenderers shall submit their tenders using the sample submission form available in Part 2 of this tender dossier. The tender shall be submitted in 1 (one) original. In case of e-mail submission, the tenderer may provide a scanned original.

If delivery by post or courier, the tenders shall be submitted in two separate envelopes:

  • envelope one for the tenderer’s information, the tenderer’s statement and the technical offer and
  • envelope two for the financial information.

An envelop including both envelopes will contain the following information at the external part:

Name and address of the contracting authority

Title of the tender

Reference number

Name and address of the tenderer


If delivery by e-mail, the message shall clearly indicate:

Title of the tender

Reference number

Name and address of the tenderer

The tender submission form and any supporting documentation shall be provided as attachement to the e-mail.


2. Technical Information :


The tenderers are required to provide services as per TOR. In the technical offer, the tenderers will indicate more details on the deliverables, and required time frame. 


3. Financial Information


The maximum available value of the contract is 15000 EUR or its equivalent  in national currency.











4. The selection criteria:


The award criterion is best value for money, weighting 80% technical quality and 20% price.


The technical evaluation of the proposals will include:


  • the extent to which the requirements and expectations have been satisfactorily addressed;
  • the quality of the overall proposal;
  • the appropriateness of the proposed approach;
  • the quality of the technical solution proposed;
  • the manner in which it is proposed to manage and staff the event;
  • the experience of the firm in carrying out related events;




Template model:



Offer submitted by:

Name of legal entity or individual  submitting the tender




Legal registration number (if applicable)


Contact person:





e-mail address

















Please provide details on the offered services by using the table below.



Nember of items

Title of item

Technical specifications

Proposed timeframe (if applicable)









The total price for the offered services/ is .

The offered price includes the execution/delivery of the items described in the technical offer, as well as all the related incidental costs, such as transport, logistics, etc., when required.

Please include a detailed breakdown, in accordance with the items in the technical offer. For fee-based service contracts, include the number of expert days and the daily fees, as well as the breakdown of the incidental costs.






























Reference For Proposal





As a partner in the MEDST@rts project, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and South Lebanon (CCIAS) is implementing the project activities in Lebanon. MEDSt@rts - Med microfinance support system for start-ups - project is financed by the European Union’s ENI CBC Med Programme and implemented between October 2019 and July 2022 in Italy, Greece, Tunisia, Palestine and Lebanon by a partnership of 7 organizations.


Objective of the PFR


The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and agriculture requires a contractor to organize and provide technical , logistics and interpretation service for Microfinance cross – border Forum . This includes the end-to-end management for one day forum.  The hybrid event will be live at a pre-planned event venue/space, online via  Zoom platform and live streamimg channels, technical support before/during the webinar, support to/and management of speakers and participants, and all other related tasks to ensure the proper organization of the event.


The number of  participants is expected to be up to 60 participants  divided as follows : online up to  35 participants  (especially in the case of live streaming of the event), on-site are expected to be for up to 25 participants .

MF Forum  is typically 3-4 hours long . The expected date for the organanization of the event 30 or 31 March 2022.


Work to be performed:


The selected supplier  will be required to perform the following activities to ensure the good organization of the Forum:


  • Technical set up of necessary applications and hardware for the online meeting and public event and simultaneous interpretation as required.
  • Technical support (including provision of equipment) for on-site / hybrid half day event (microphones, camera, Led screen, video monitor, synchronized interpreting service to be provided by the contractor.
  • Provide support for interpreters when required, such as interpretation rehearsal, technical check and arrangements, coordination between interpreters and speakers












  • Coordinate and organize dry-runs for speakers and organizers
  • Manage registration systems for participants
  • Provide simultaneous synchronized (remote and onsite) interpretation services for the languages: Arabic- English
  • Catering Logistics for onsite participants
  • Media Coverage for the event


Technical and logistic requirements for hybrid forum (3- 4hrs. long)

  • Comprehensive organization and technical  plan based on the finalized programme approved by Saida Chamber
  • Handle the registration/cancellation of participants and other enquiries
  • Pre-meeting briefing to panelists and other participants or interpreters (on how to participate in the event)
  • Pre-meeting rehearsal (2 times)
  • Provide panelists with advice for their presentation and screen check (voice, light, etc.) 
  • Connection test with each site and follow-up with respective panelists and interpreters ( at least 3 days before)
  • Venue setting with required equipment (audio/visual equipment, as well as simultaneous/consecutive interpretation equipment). The contractor will need to provide all necessary equipment.
  • Technical support (including provision of equipment) for on-site live streaming of events when required (microphones, camera, lighting, video monitor to be provided by the contractor)
  • Set up of necessary applications and hardware for online forum and interpretation
  • As interpreters are in a different location, they require visual input provided via screens or video monitors.
  • Screens, preferably LED, should be large enough for the interpreter to read the text displayed or clearly see images.
  • The interpreters will receive, as long possible before the meeting, the documents that will be used during the interpretation (presentation etc..)
  • Provide appropriate sound quality, individual headsets with high quality microphones for on site participants.
  • Provide support for the operation and management of AV equipment (as per description above) including interpretation system, and live streaming system if required
  • Act as host/co-host and monitor chat, raise hand, mute/unmute of speakers, screening of participants entering the meeting, and other general management of the meeting (time management, screen sharing management, timekeeping)













  • Time management of the programme and support for the panelists
  • Arrange media coverage of the event (Newspaper- websites etc..)
  • Assess the suitability of catering services.




The expected deliverables for online event are:

  1. Set up of necessary applications and hardware for online forum and interpretation
  2. Pre-meeting rehearsal (2 times)

i) Providing panelists advice for their presentation and screen check (voice, light, etc.)

ii) Connection test with each site (at least one week before)

  1. Management of event operation (to support registration, mute, enter/exit of participants)


The expected deliverables for on-site event are:

  1. Administer the participants’ registration and respond to enquiries from them.
  2. Arrange venue with required equipment
  3. Manage and supervise catering services including arrangement for coffee break
  4. Venue clearance

Other deliverables:

  1. Teaser & video
  2. Photos
  3. Links for social media coverage
  4. Moderators
  5. Translation for media coverage material and other related document (before and after the forum)
  6. Wall of fame / stage design (if applicable)

The service provider shall be operating in the field of conference services/communication with proven expertise in organizing online public events/meetings using online meeting solutions (e.g. Zoom, etc) and /or other similar platforms, as well as on-site events.



  • Experience in the field of hybrid event services (online and on-site).
  • Experience in managing events requiring simultaneous and/or consecutive translation.
  • Experience in organizing and managing online events using Zoom, Teams, or any other similar platforms.
  • Adequate technical knowledge to propose and manage technological solutions required for the organization of hybrid events.





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