Agro-Food Development Center & Laboratories- Saida is a unique Center in South Region to test your food products and improve their Quality.



The Agro-Food Development Center & Labs (AFDL),  previously  known as Saida Pilot Plant, was  founded  in  2007  through the  U.S. Agency  for  International  Development (USAID)  and the Chamber  of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Sidon and South of Lebanon.A  new project with ACDI/VOCA titled "The  Quality Control and Certification (QCC) program" is in development. QCC  is a USAID  - funded  program that  aims to supporting the center in its endeavor to expand its space and services to better serve the food and agriculture industry in the region.

AFDL is composed  of two  active entities:

•Laboratories:   undertake    microbiological,  physico-chemical,   Quality   Control   and sensory  testing  for  food  & water, to assess compliance  with  international standards and specifications  such as those of LIBNOR, ISO, FDA, EU, SASO, and others.  The laboratory is already in compliance  with  ISO 900 I :2000: quality management system and is preparing for ISO 17025: laboratory management accreditation.

•Agro-Food  Center: is a unique  center  of  research  and product  development that targets the small-to-medium agro-industries (SMEs) operating in the baked goods, sweets, and bread industries  across Lebanon.


AFDL Food Laboratory Analysis Services

• The Microbiological Food Laboratory provides  testing  services for all areas of the food agriculture and baked goods industries. From screening the raw materials to the analysis of the finished products, this department offers a wide range of analytical tests including: Total   aerobic    count,   anaerobic   count,   Enterobacteriaceae,  Escherichia   coli,  Total Coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium species, Salmonella species, Pseudomonas species, Listeria monocytogenes, yeast and molds, and microbiological test on water.

• The  Physico-Chemical  Food  Laboratory performs  tests  that    respond  to the  growing demand for rapid, complex and stringent test protocols including: acidity, electrical conduc­ tivity, moisture, net weight, pH, total  soluble solids (Brix), water  activity, salinity, viscosity test, aflatoxin  test, free fatty  acids in fat/oil, peroxide  value in fat/oil, turbidity (new), fat content  (new), and ash % (new).

AFDL Pilot Plant Services

Bakeries  & sweets manufacturers: are you facing quality problems?  .... AFDL is your way to Success!
Having  recently  procured new  equipment, AFDL  provides  Quality Control Tests for bakeries and sweet factories  such as:
• Mixolab, to test rheological characteristics of flour
• Alveograph, to test elasticity, extensibility, tenacity and baking strength  of flour - new
• Glutomatic, for the Gluten  Index: wet gluten content, dry gluten content and water  binding for wheat and wheat flour - new
• Type of flour determination - new

Do  you want to turn your ideas into  a viable new product?......More exclusive  services at AFDL

A unique center for the bakery industry, the AFDL pilot plant can be rented by beneficiaries seeking to experiment with new processes, products, equipment and formulations. Our approach is to listen and understand your needs and ideas. We will ensure that our proposals translate into tangible products that fit yourrequirement. We can also offer a shelf life study and a sensory evaluation to complement the process of product development and innovation.

AFDL can also help you improve your  packaging techniques  and calculate the nutritional facts for your  labels.

Accuracy of results, punctuality in delivery and confidentiality of research
The AFDL team is committed to deliver accurate results and respect delivery time to better serve our beneficiaries. Confidentiality in the development of new products preserves the privacy of each of our beneficiaries and ensures a longlasting relationship of trust and confidence.

Our aim

    To be an accredited Lab according to ISO 17025, this step enables food exporters to use the labs for the fulfillment of official document requirements
    To serve a broad range of Agro-Food sectors and industries by the acquisition of additional equipments which fit their needs
    Diversify our activities by providing  testing  services for soil, leaves and water

Ongoing activities

    Extension of existing laboratories and separation between Microbiological lab and physic –chemical lab in order to provide the necessary space and requirements to be an accredited lab according to ISO 17025.
    The work is conducted on several levels: civil, electrical, mechanical and plumbing works, taking into consideration the technical specifications which must be applied according to norms and to Good laboratory practices.
    On the other hand, we are preparing all the needed documents for the implementation of ISO 17025: ‘’General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories’’, in order to achieve a high level of performance in testing. In this way we can conduct requested tests on food export. This will help exporters to save time and reduce costs and obstacles they face when exporting products to foreign markets.

How can I subscribe or use the facility?

For subscription and more information ,you are welcome to visit us at the plant located in the building of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Saida and the South, or call us on either of the following contact numbers:
Telephone: +961 7 720 123    ext. 224
Contact Person: Joelle Ojeil, Agro Food Development Center & Labs Manager
e-mail: afdl[at]


Here are some of the avaiable equipments at AFDL




Agro-Food Development Center & Laboratories- Saida is a unique Center in South Region to test your food products and improve their Quality.   History The Agro-Food Development Center & Labs (AFDL),  previously  known as Saida Pilot Plant, was  founded  in  2007  through t...


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