News Meetings Visit of the President of the Chamber to the damaged facilities in Ghaziyeh

From 20-02-2024 To 01-01-1970

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A tour for media personnel of the industrial facilities targeted by enemy raids in Ghaziyeh Saleh


A Tour For Media Personnel Of The Industrial Facilities Targeted By Enemy Raids In Al-Ghaziyeh. Saleh: Despite The Destruction Caused By The Aggression, We Will Not Despair And We Will Continue.
The Chamber Of Commerce, Industry And Agriculture Organized A Field Tour This Afternoon For Media Personnel In The Town Of Al-Ghaziyeh, During Which They Closely Inspected The Sites Of The Industrial Facilities That It Was Targeted By Zionist Enemy Raids Yesterday, And 14 Were Wounded, Including Syrian Workers And Citizens From The Town And Its Neighbourhood, With The Aim Of Revealing The Extent Of The Damage To The Facilities, And The Fires Were Still Raging Upon Their Arrival, And To Refute The Falsehood Of His Claims That There Was A “Hezbollah” Weapons Warehouse Inside The Electric Generators And Machinery Oils Factories And Another For Iron.
The Media Professionals Were Accompanied On Their Tour By The Head Of The Chamber, Mohamed Saleh, And His Deputy, Jamal Jouni, The Mayors Of The Municipality Of Ghaziyeh, Hassan Mohamed Ghaddar, The Municipality Of Sidon, Dr. Hazem Khader Badie, The Nabatieh Merchants Association, Musa Al-Horr Shmeisani, And A Number Of Economists And Businessmen.
Saleh Confirmed The Impact Of The Tour “that Our Presence In Front Of The Electric Generators And Oils Factory That Was Targeted By The Israeli Enemy’s Raids Reveals The Falsity And Claims Of The Israeli Enemy That Raided It Yesterday, Claiming That It Is A Weapons Depot For Hezbollah
He Said, “Despite The Destruction Inflicted On The Factory By The Zionist Enemy, We Will Not Despair, But Rather We Will Follow Up,” Stressing That “the Enemy’s Goal Is To Destroy The Economy And Industry.” In Addition To The Targeted Factory, Many Of The Facilities Surrounding It Were Damaged, And We Were Unable To Conduct A Field Survey To Determine Their Number. Just As Israel Began Three Months Ago To Destroy Agriculture In The South, Whose Border Lands Now Need Thirty Years To Purify Them Of Phosphorus And Replant Them, So It Seeks Yesterday. Today, It Is Striving To Strike All Vital Sectors In The Country Because It Was Unable To Protect Itself With Weapons. It Resorted To Destroying Our Economy.
Saleh Concluded, “Despite Everything That Has Happened And Is Happening, The Lebanese Will Continue And Persevere, And The Repetition Of Attacks Will Not Stop Him.”
The Mayor Of Ghaziyeh
Ghaddar Considered, “that Israel's Crime Continues To Move From One Sector To Another. They Started Months Ago In The Border Villages On Agricultural Lands And Today They Moved To The Industry And Warehouses That Were Targeted. As You All Saw, There Are No Weapons In Them, As The Enemy Claimed.
Regarding The Role Of The Municipality In The Next Steps To Compensate The Affected Parties, Ghaddar Explained. “After Informing A Delegation From The Southern Council And The Relief Authority, We Will Work To Determine The Damage And Evaluate It To Reach Compensation To The Owners Of The Facilities That Were Damaged By The Zionist Enemy’s Attacks.”
The Mayor Of Sidon
For His Part, Badie Considered, “The Raid Is A Dangerous Development, And This Strike Came In Sidon And Far Away.” Far From The Border, And This Is People's Livelihood And An Industrial And Commercial Place Par Excellence, Wishing Recovery For The Wounded.
He Added: Praise Be To God, The Human Casualties Were Minor, But The Damage Is Very Serious For Factory Owners And Investors Working On The Renaissance Of The Country And The South And Its Economy And Industry. May God Help Our People In The South, These Raids. A Dangerous Development, And We Stand By Each Other In These Difficult Days And Join Hands.
In Response To A Question About Preparing A Contingency Plan In Case Things Develop, He Said: Since The Outbreak Of The Israeli War Of Annihilation In Gaza And The Daily Israeli Attacks That Southern Lebanon Is Witnessing, We Have Been Working With The Leaders Of Municipalities Are Considering Emergency Plans, And If Things Develop Further, We Will Be In A State Of Readiness, And The Plan Will Certainly Be In Coordination With Official Bodies And With All Municipalities, Actors, And Civil Society Bodies. Shmeisani, In Turn, Denounced The Blatant Attack That Targeted Commercial And Industrial Facilities In The Ghaziyeh Area, Which... It Indicates Something, As It Indicates The Barbarism Of This Enemy, Which Has Expanded Its Crimes Against Its People, The Latest Of Which Is Its Targeting Of These Industrial Facilities Through Which Hundreds Of People In The South Live, And Their Presence Indicates The Steadfastness That The Owners Of These Institutions Are Adopting In The Face Of The Arrogance Practiced By The Enemy And Does Not Exclude Anyone From It, Adding Yesterday. He Committed A Massacre In The City Of Nabatieh Against Children And Women, And Today He Is Targeting Our Economy And Trade.”
The Owner Of The Factory, Mohamed Khalifa, Considered That “the Enemy’s Claim That We Have Weapons Depots Is Empty Talk,” Pointing Out That The Factory Contains Parts For Assembling Electrical Generators In Addition To A Warehouse For Machinery Oils, And We Have Been Working Since For 11 Years, Day And Night, In Full View Of All The People Who Know The Nature Of Our Work, But It Is The Israeli Enemy That Only Knows The Language Of Destruction And Killing, And The Target Is The Economy Of The South In Particular And Lebanon In General. He Saw That “the Enemy Is Targeting All Places Through Which Pressure Can Be Put On The Leaders Of The Country.” Pointing Out That “what We See In Gaza In Terms Of Genocide Is The Greatest Evidence Of His Intentions, And Our Situation Is No Better Than Their Situation,” Stressing That “in The End, The Truth Will Triumph.”